Katy Kustos, Becoming Her Best

Katy Kustos

Katy Kustos

People do not usually realize the need for an organization like Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children (OBHC). As one who has been completely changed by this organization, I can testify that there is an enormous need for programs like this one and a need for public understanding of their benefits.

Moving to the Baptist Home for Girls in Madill, Oklahoma gave me tremendous opportunities. I lived in a stable environment where there were three meals every day, household chores to teach me responsibility, and houseparents that consistently showed me they loved me. I attended school and I was involved in school activities that contributed to who I am today. I lived in a safe environment without fear of verbal, physical, or emotional abuse.

To me, OBHC is more than just a residential education program. It has been my home for the past six years. Because of the care and after-care that OBHC provides, I have been able to finish high school and go to college.

I have heard that the very basics of a “good family” or “home” are a place where there is food, shelter, and love. If that is indeed the case, then OBHC is the family of the century! I believe that even most “normal” young adults my age have yet to experience the love, encouragement, and support that OBHC has given and continues to give me. In addition to those basics, the home gave me encouragement, support, stability, leadership opportunities, responsibility, and countless life skills that I will continue to use.

But a list cannot describe the value of a changed life. That is what OBHC has given me, a changed life—one filled with hope instead of despair, love instead of anger, open doors instead of closed ones, and the revelation that I can be the best “me” possible. The caring adults at the Home provided me with a home. They taught me that I have a future and a reason to hope.

February 2010